The Razor Boys

From what little we know The Razor Boys originated on Deckers Island. Made up of the rejected and betrayed feline members of smaller gangs, they eventually gained a foothold Within the violent ecosystem that exists within the Empire City Prison industrial complex. When released into the Ivory 8 they immediately started the prolonged gang war against The Bastard Kings which lasted for close to a decade.

The sudden and noticeable increase in homicides that began in the mid-1990’s and lasted until the early 2000’s is attributed to the increase in Street violence this prolonged gang war started. Recently, the razor boys were hit hard by way of a sting operation led by the ECPD. Even though the majority of the Empire City Razor Boy gang members are currently in prison and the gangs leader Carl Feller still issuing order from behind bars to anyone street level who still believes he has any real power.

Swearing vengeance against The Bastard Kings, he sits in his room on Decker Island, plotting his revenge. Feller has attempted multiple assassinations on Angus Chapel but without success.(edited)[3:04 PM]