Welcome to the HTH Studios: Red Light District Codex

Red Light District is an adult game developed by HTH Studios. While it features some of the same characters from High Tail Hall , it takes place in the gritty, hardcore Red Light District of Empire City.

Theft, violence, and prostitution are commonplace. Corruption and bribery run rampant in every business and occupation.

It’s the perfect playground for scoundrels and sleazeballs looking for a good time.

Jeanette working the corner of Brooklyn Ave


Red Light District was first revealed with the introduction of Gold Memberships for HTH Studios in October 2012. Updates for the game were sporadic until June 2017 when plans were changed to focus on different HTH Studios projects from month to month. The game’s smaller size has made RLD the ideal place for testing and implementing new gameplay features before they are added to other projects. After switching development platforms from Flash to Unity, Red Light District had to be rebuilt completely from scratch. It was shortly after this change that Red Light District became the primary focus for development due to having far less content to remake than New Cyana.