The Bastard Kings

A canine gang, The bastard Kings can trace their lineage further back than most of the Ivory 8 gangs, starting in the 1950s they evolved out of a motorcycle gang known as “The Roving Bastards”, a rowdy low-tier crew made up of dishonorably discharged veterans who found it difficult to reintegrate into society after World War II.

They initially gained a reputation as hired muscle. After several years the roving bastards split into two factions, one faction headed to California and is now known has the nomad hounds while the other faction remained on the east coast and took the name the bastard Kings.

From their Inception the gang was openly and extremely hostile towards felines. Over the years their offenses accelerated in severity from petty crime, breaking and entering, and vandalism to the much more serious offences of rape, murder, racketeering, drug trafficking, assassination, blackmail, and bank fraud.

Their numbers have dwindled over the years, during the events of red light district the Island City chapter of the bastard Kings has been decimated, a small handful of initiates fled the area after gang leader Angus Chapel was arrested along with his top lieutenants and many enforcers.