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Anne is a Belgian Draft Horse who hails from Toronto. She doesn’t bring up the option for the player to use a condom when she is approached. Her higher price likely already includes this factor. Location Colfax Ave Services Services Price Available Positions Anal $200  Vaginal $200 Missionary Behind The Scenes Anne is played […]

Ari Vogue

Ari is a teen Twink bunny with a very submissive nature. While he is mainly interested in male customers, he may be willing to let a woman dominate him someday, for the right price. Due to the frisky nature of his species, he is capable of multiple orgasms. Ari doesn’t require the player to use Condoms . […]


Anne Ari Crissy Francesca Ginger Hope Jeanette Julie Shemyay Tanya Traci Vivian

Colfax Ave

Colfax Ave is one if the streets within the red light district. Currently only the easternmost block is available due to construction. The street is walled off in every direction except north, which leads to Northern Ave. Businesses Due to the small size of the street, not many business can operate at the moment. There are […]


Condoms speak for themselves for what they do. Most characters charge extra for their services if the player either chooses to not use a condom or if they just plain don’t have any. Some characters, such as Jeanette, will refuse you unless you have condoms with you. Currently, condoms can only be found at The Clinic , though […]


Crissy is a Fox/Husky hybrid who boasts the lowest price on her street. This is due to the fact that getting paid is an afterthought for her actions. She prefers to be treated more roughly than the other girls, with hair pulling especially at the top of her list. Location Colfax Ave Services Services Price […]

Deckers Island

Deckers Island is a 510-acre island in the East River between Kings and the Slopes that is home to Empire City’s main jail complex. The island is home to one of the world’s largest correctional institutions and mental institutions and has been described as New York’s most famous jail. Deckers Island has a reputation for gang violence, abuse and neglect of inmates, attracting increased […]


There were several dangerous gangs which grew out of the densely populated low income housing known as the Ivory 8 starting back in the 1970’s. These gangs would eventually spread out into the surrounding areas where they remain a problem to this day. The Bastard KingsThe Razor BoysThe Cackling ShadowsThe Invisible FiveThe West Pier Pigs


Hope is one of the girls working the red light district. Secretive and paranoid she moves around the area a lot and has numerous small hideouts and caches.

Island City

Being somewhat stuck between the decommissioned Central Island pier west and the area known as the ivory 8 Island City has been in the state of economic decline for the last 40 years and it doesn’t look like things are going to be getting much better anytime soon. History Island City used to be known […]