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Items are interactable objects that can be found scattered around various locations in the district. Different items have different rarities to them. Ones that appear in a certain location every or almost every time are common. Some items appear less often, but offer a more substantial reward for claiming them. Finally, there are some items […]

The 5 Dens

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The Bastard Kings

A canine gang, The bastard Kings can trace their lineage further back than most of the Ivory 8 gangs, starting in the 1950s they evolved out of a motorcycle gang known as “The Roving Bastards”, a rowdy low-tier crew made up of dishonorably discharged veterans who found it difficult to reintegrate into society after World […]

The Cackling Shadows

The smallest and weakest of the Ivory 8 gangs The Cackling Shadows were wiped out several years ago. A ragtag, mismanaged gang of drug fueled Hyenas, they failed to establish a secure foothold in the territory after the Razor Boys moved in and declined under the leadership of an old blind hyena, Bill “Laughing Boy […]

The Invisible Five

A Loosely organized Collective of varied species that spread out of the Island City correctional system, The invisible five aren’t really a gang as much as they are a network of like-minded Thieves, pickpockets, scavengers, and those who specialize in gathering information for sale. They do however originate from the Ivory 8 and have been […]

The Ivory 8

The Ivory Towers were five low income housing block towers in Northern Island City, EC. They burned down a few years before the start of the game Red Light District as part of a failed real estate scheme. Prior to its destruction the Towers had become infamous for spawning many violent criminals, gangs and as […]

The Razor Boys

From what little we know The Razor Boys originated on Deckers Island. Made up of the rejected and betrayed feline members of smaller gangs, they eventually gained a foothold Within the violent ecosystem that exists within the Empire City Prison industrial complex. When released into the Ivory 8 they immediately started the prolonged gang war […]