The Cackling Shadows

The smallest and weakest of the Ivory 8 gangs The Cackling Shadows were wiped out several years ago.

A ragtag, mismanaged gang of drug fueled Hyenas, they failed to establish a secure foothold in the territory after the Razor Boys moved in and declined under the leadership of an old blind hyena, Bill “Laughing Boy Bill” Bogger.

“Laughing Boy Bill” was eventually killed in prison by his lieutenants Chadwick “Howling Mad Chad” Mondo & Tim “Angry Twitch Tim” Serppo.

At the time RLD takes place they are no longer active as no surviving members have come forward to claim the rank of leader. The only indication they ever even existed is in some secluded corners of Island City you can still find tags left behind with the glowing yellow eyes and grin.